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January 2012

Dear Friends & Community Members,

Happy new year !

...and what a busy one it's been for us! If there were only one product for us to symbolize the last year it would be the release of Xtreamer Prodigy. Fortunately, that's not all that's happened!

We want to take this opportunity to announce you the launch of several new products and platforms.

The Xtreamer Elvira

When we wanted to consider an introduction of an entry level model we had many options to select from. We wanted an answer for the experienced buyer who are looking for an additional media player and the price conscious buyers. An easy to install media player for on the go people. A player that streams every digital file where and when you want it. Due to the cigarette lighter with an IR extender it is possible to use it in a bus, caravan or in your hotel room. Simple playback of files from USB storage. Smooth experience without too many functions. The Elvira can do just that.

We reviewed in our lab the A9 Cortex platform as well as others. We decided to focus this product to be both cheap while still being a good media player.

For a good media player to be announced in 2012 it had to support smooth and stable HD files in MKV container capable of playing DTS HD and TrueHD 7.1 HD audio. The device is not capable of being connected to any network as it lacks a MAC Address. USB WIFI is no good either. The firmware is going to be based on latest SDK made by Realtek. It is going to be different however from the Prodigy or Sidewinder 3 firmware branch. It is a low level product with a very basic functionality at a low price tag. As such it will be treated by us in the future so not many updates will be required. The plan is to update it when RTL will release SDK updates only. According to their pace and their motivation.

So if you are after a small compact device for a very low price, and basic functionality of movies music and photos played out of a USB storage, the Xtreamer Elvira, our little black magic in a small box is just the product for you.

Xtreamer Sidewinder 3

The Xtreamer Sidewinder 3 which will replace the Xtreamer Sidewinder 2 will now support 3D HDMI 1.4 and Android for the same price of 99 Euro. This device gets new CPU 1186, Android, 3D playback capability and Android as supplementary platform. It is going to run very similar firmware to Prodigy.

In many aspects the Xtreamer Sidewinder 3 is a more compact version of the Prodigy for much lower price. You can still use an internal HDD, a 2.5" size and in order to use it with wireless network you will have to buy a USB WIFI antenna.

This model does not come with an HDMI cable nor it will support DVBT.

For 99 Euro you get the latest Realtek SDK based firmware and features. We could not achieve this on older platforms made by Realtek.

The Xtreamer Ultra 2

A new generation of this product was pending in our labs since last September. We had to delay it due to some problems Intel had with the new Cedar Trail platform and Windows 7 drivers.

This product is our attempt to bring an HTPC as close as possible to behave like a digital media player, based on an Intel platform.

In our market, we either aim to make a Digital Media player behave and look as closer to a PC environment, or we can make a PC to be as functional out of the box as possible similar to a system on chip (SOC) system.

Ultra 1 taught us many lessons. In this product we try to improve it all around. I think you will all agree we succeeded.

The Ultra 2 is a PC. A Home-Theater PC in very compact size. But don't let the size fool you. In terms of a PC/Intel/Geforce combo you are looking at the best device in the market for the purpose it was built for.

We could of course build a device, larger/wider/heavier and put inside an Intel i7 or i5. Our labs tests clearly indicated that you don't need that for an HTPC. In many aspects the new Intel Cedar Trail platform is so much better for playback of HD and 3D file playback than the alternatives. An i7 CPU not only cost much more it requires bigger case for cooling, requires a bigger fan and much bigger power adapter.

We wanted to achieve something else. A compact device, a compact PC, that if you connect it to a PC monitor it will serve you as very fine PC for most of your daily tasks. When you will be on the road you will be able to take it with you without thinking twice. It is small and light. And when you will connect it to your TV it will allow you the freedom of the latest codecs and HD playback including 3d (provided you install Windows 7 which is not included).

We learned from Ultra 1 to make things better. Very much the same way as Apple learned from Apple iPhone 1 and made so much better iPhone 4S, the Ultra 2 will introduce you a total upgrade in all aspects.

First, we changed the CPU to a new Atom N2700 dual core 2.13 CPU. This is a new tech based on 32 nano allow you current and future possibilities will be made available to you via Intel and nVidia.

We kept the 4 Giga RAM on DDR3 clock speed (the full 4 will be shown to you on windows 7 64 bit) and upgraded the internal GPU to allow bit-streaming. We embedded on the board a Geforce 520M instead of the ION2 and 7.1 HD audio passthrough with full bit-streaming is now supported. (we still don't understand why the market insist on this bit-steaming, we know that the Ultra 1 is capable of playing just as good with LPCM).

We added an internal WIFI at 802.11n and in the same time added an internal Bluetooth module at EDR 2.1. Connectivity was never smoother.

Unlike the Ultra 1, the Ultra 2 introduce you USB 3.0 ports while eSata port was removed. When you have USB 3.0 capable device you don't need also the eSATA.

The internal BIOS was changed to a modern UEFI system. You can now use mouse.

Unlike the ultra 1 which was shipped to you with an optional SSD module, the Ultra 2 comes built in with an mSATA port SSD at 32GB. This is not just the memory module, it is also a pre-installed, pre-configured OpenElec XBMC on the module to save you time and effort.

Not only that, the 32 GB will allow you to install on it directly Windows 7 in case you select it as your favorite platform.

At boot time, once you select the device to boot from the internal SSD, will allow you to select XBMC OpenElec (latest edition) or a new platform for Kids education we partnered with Comfy for you to try and enjoy.

The idea is to make a product that works out of the box just the same way apple delivers its iMac products. Plug in and Power.

User will be able of course to install windows 7 on internal HDD as well. We don't provide that as we wanted to keep the price of this product as low as possible. Many of you already have a Windows 7 license and you don't need our Korean version of it.

Feel free to install and connect to your Xtreamer Ultra any software or PC accessory you wish. Even games we tried. most of the latest run nice and smooth. (we tested Elders Scrolls Skyrim and COD4 Modern Warfare).

As far as Remote control is concerned, we will use the same one we used for Ultra 1. The device will allow you to turn the device on and OFF and will allow you to navigate in the BIOS with it as well as on XBMC we installed on the SSD.

All these upgrades and we did not change the Ultra 2 price. It will be sold for 299 Euro worldwide.

For 299 or even 399 you cannot get better device for digital media playback nor you can get a more flexible system with so many features encapsulated in such a small box.

Last 2 key notes for this product announcement also should be mentioned:

The Xtreamer Ultra 2 buyers will be able to buy from us an additional external USB 3.0 BluRay combo drive for only 59 Euro. This combo drive will allow you read or burn CD/DVD and enjoy Bluray titles provided that you install the necessary software which we are not providing for Windows 7. At additional small cost of 30 Euro we will offer our Ultra 2 clients the possibility to buy a Mini Wireless keyboard which was also upgraded to a full QUERTY size and better grip. We will provide more details in time.

The Upgraded Xtreamer Prodigy models:

Xtreamer Prodigy

Where technology meets style..

The current Prodigy Silver, this design media player won already many awards due to the combination of hardware specifications, the design and the usability. Add to this to always competitive price of Prodigy and you know why we are proud of this unit and want to extend this model.

As of now we will have 3 models of Prodigy:

One with no internal WiFi and no DVBT. Users will be able to buy those at additional cost separately. We provided the clients of this product who purchased it from us a free antenna when Pre-Order was offered.

One which we call Silver edition - a Prodigy with a mini-PCIe Wireless LAN module. The price will be 10 Euro higher than the basic model. The clients of this product are welcome to order a DVB-T module for extra 30 Euros.

And the ultimate model which was also be getting a black trim. The Xtreamer Prodigy Black which has it all. An internal WIFI + DVB-T dual Tuner.

All this products will run the same FW with the differences differencess of functionality. If you don't have or don't want to use DVB-T the function will not work for you anyway.

Read the above post for the firmware roadmap.

New Accessories:

DVB-T Dual Tuner

This module apply only to Xtreamer Prodigy buyers. This module which can be self installed by following a very easy process will allow you to watch DVB channels in your area while you record other channel in the same time.

It is coupled with a FW function that allow you some limited PVR functionality from this source. It also allow you limited EPG and RTL swear it can do Teletext.

Consider it as a nice add-on to already fully rich product you own. Our sales department reported us that in some countries only a DVB-T tuner/Receiver is cost around 80 Euro and it is not allowing you recording at all.

The price for this item will be set to 30 Euro in case you ask.

Extrenal USB 3.0 BluRay DVD/CD reader/writer

This device will cost 59 Euro. Similar products in the market based on USB 2.0 are sold for 119 Euro. We will allow only Xtreamer Ultra 2 owners to buy it.

Its a natural add-on for those who see a total comprehensive solution for their digital home system.

Remember, this item is workable only if you installed Windows 7 and the necessary software that allow BluRay playback in Windows environment (Power DVD etc).

Mini Wireless Keyboard which is now designed for HPTC as well as for the owners of Prodigy or Sidewinder 3.

Mini PCI WIFI module for Prodigy no need to explain about that. It saves you a USB port.

Firmware Roadmap:

When the FW 3 was initially announced, it suffered from some short-backs and immature bugs. When it was announced as part of the first product we based on our new platform 1186 and Android we had to make a decision to focus on delivery rather on stability. Indeed it needed additional work in order to gain more stability in many aspects. We did it with a view to meet Xmas shipments on time before the holiday while introducing you Android. In the month since the release we have collected many user reports, ideas and suggestions and will be very soon prepared to launch you a new firmware version for your Xtreamer Prodigy. In our firmware version 3.5 generation, we added AirPlay for Youtube, subtitle browser function, DVBt connectivity, media Jukebox engine for both movies and TV  series and overall improved functionality and speed. We aim to fix as many bugs as possible in the process while adding new functions along the way in the future. The process of making your products better will not end now nor it will stop at  version 3.5. It is rather just another milestone in the roadmap of our firmware development. It's an intuitive process that sometimes requires us to work on trial and error basis.

The Xtreamering community projects portal will also be added in version 3.5 along the support to PHP, SQlite and RSS based coding.

In this coming update we also added a full Internet radio portal based on Shoutcast. The update will be offered to you for free download. Once launched we will head to our next generation version 4 which you can read about in the next section.

These updates will apply only to 1186 based products due to the limited resources of older devices. (Xtreamer Prodigy all models, Xtreamer Sidewinder 3).

Neither ver 3,5 nor ver 4 will be the final firmware and we can't promise to make then completely bug-free of perfect. As we said, these are just the milestones.

We shared the full source code of the new platform with some key members of the community, we know how well you can do with Android and now you will have also PHP and XML languages to work with on more exciting projects. You are all very welcome to take part in the process making your media library a greater experience.

Firmware version 4

We dedicated a section on the announcement page to this coming update. We anticipate its launch time on April. The focus will be better media library and better On-Screen Display.

We will continue to fix bugs and improve the device overall performance in this update. We hope we will be able to achieve by this update more modern and feature-rich PHP back-end to the device.

Older products:

Here comes the hard part. The part of this long thread that we kept last in order to make things more clear after the long part which was mainly not relevant to you.

The Xtreamer Pro, due to the very high demand is still alive and kicking. We recently upgraded it with Airplay for Youtube support. In many aspects it is probably our best product ever. The forum and the Web is full of applause for its value for money.

We will still offer it and on a better price. Users will be able to enjoy it for 99 Euro and they will get a free antenna. The original price was reduced from 149. So you are getting a 74 Euro reduction for this supertanker media player.

This product special edition for a limited quantity is just to express our view. In many aspects this is our best firmware as yet. In many aspects it is our most solid product in DMP market.

We aim to continue support it in the future. We hope the Xtreamering community will allow you to enjoy more diverse projects.

The FW 3 implementation for this product, as well as for any other first generation products based on 1283 is so far does not look promising. We cannot launch it, since once upgraded your devices and saw how bad / slow it performs you would not be able change your mind and revert back to firmware 2.7.*.

We cannot take this risk nor this was what we intended and why our entire RD teams worked for months and months.

The situation for new SDK or newer firmware for this product doesn’t look promising. Your devices now are perfectly capable of playing HD files with 16ref MKV and even DTS HD and TrueHD in 7.1 channels. It supports Xtreamering portal and in many aspects it offers a modern yet elegant solution if you are not after 3D and Android.

We do feel sorry to be in a position that our aim to upgrade this range of devices to the next generation firmware failed short due to many reason beyond our power.

Should the situation change we will update. We still did not give up.

For Sidewinder 2 based on 1185 platform we will stop selling this item on our systems once Sidewinder 3 is out. We will stop developing its platform as well. We cannot keep this product alive as RTL abandoned this platform and focuses on their new 1186.

Any Customer who want to upgrade his Xtreamer Sidewinder 2 to any of our other newer models is asked to contact us by mail and we will issue him a special 30% voucher to be used in our shops once new order will be made.

New European Official Shop

Prices in this shop will include VAT and Custom as paid when the products where shipped to the European storage facility.

It will offer you a swifter delivery times, smoother experience with your local tax authorities and of course a better price than what you will get in retail.

The idea of keeping an online shop in Europe or at all is due to the motivation of our company not to allow the retailers to rip you off for their profits.

We hope that during March 2012 the shop will be operational and active.

Not all items will be offered in this shop. We will serve customers on first to order first to be shipped. Items bought from this shop will be returned in case of RMA to be handled by this shop.

As we say goodbye to the year 2011, we'd like to send out our most sincere good wishes to all of our fantastic users, dedicated developers and generous partners.

We hope the new year brings you all new dreams, visions, resolutions and a new (better!) way of living - Genuinely, have a very happy, healthy, positive and peaceful new year!

Xtreamer, Why Pay more ?!