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Xtreamer Firmware Ver3.5

coming on April 2012

When the FW 3 was initally announced, it suffered from some shortbacks and immature bugs. When it was announced as part of the first product we based on our new platform 1186 and Android we had to make a decision to focus on delivery rather on stability. Indeed it needed additional work in order to gain more stability in many aspects. We did it with a view to meet Xmas shipments on time before the holiday while introducing you Android. In the month since the release we have collected many user reports, ideas and suggestions and will be very soon prepared to launch you a new firmware version for your Xtreamer Prodigy. In our firmware version 3.5 generation, we added AirPlay for Youtube, subtitle browser function, DVBt connectivity, media Jukebox engine for both movies and TV series and overall improved functionality and speed. We aim to fix as many bugs as possible in the process while adding new functions along the way in the future. The process of making your products better will not end now nor it will stop at version 3.5. It is rather just another milestone in the roadmap of our firmware development. It's an intuitive process that sometimes requires us to work on trial and error basis. The Xtreamering community projects portal will also be added in version 3.5 along the support to PHP, SQlite and RSS based coding.

In this coming update we also added a full Internet radio portal based on Shoutcast. The update will be offered to you for free download. Once launched we will head to our next generation version 4 which you can read about in the next section. These updates will apply only to 1186 based products due to the limited resources of older devices. (Xtreamer Prodigy all models, Xtreamer Sidewinder 3). Neither ver 3.5 nor ver 4 will be the final firmware and we can't promise to make then completely bug-free of perfect. As we said, these are just the milestones. We shared the full source code of the new platform with some key members of the community, we know how well you can do with Android and now you will have also PHP and XML languages to work with on more exciting projects. You are all very welcome to take part in the process making your media library a greater experience.

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