Xtreamer Multi-Console is first an foremost an Android Game Console that extend the digital canvas of
android gaming to your TV. It delivers a perfect balance of performance and price, while taking android
gaming to a whole new level. It delivers every genre you love to your HDTV, from shooters and action
adventures to RPGs and puzzles.

Immerse yourself with doesens of award-winning game titles that blur the line between game and
glory - moments or simply dive into nostalgia with Retro games from the good old days of ZX Spectrum
and Commodore 64. Master time to survive the present... and save the future.

Immerse yourself with doezens of
award-winning game titles from
Google Play Store enhanced by MOGA
Pro controller that blur the line
between expensive game console
from Sony or Microsoft and android.

Your Xtreamer Multi-Console can
turn to superb nintendo, Sega or
Sony PS1/2/PSP device in a few
clicks. Download and install the
recomended emulator! Developed
from the ground up to deliver the
fastest play possible.

Your Xtreamer Multi-Console can
easily turn into a Sinclair ZX Spectrum,
Commodore 64 or even MAME Arcade
machine that will takes you back to
the 1980s - to the golden era of 8-bit
gaming! EXPECT A Desktop quality
emulation - games and other
programs run just like on a real
original thing, optimised for your

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