Travel Mini-Router

Affordable, powerful to run a WiFi hostpost yet small enough to take on the road.

The Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router is small enough to be put it into your pocket and be take it on the road. It offers you convenience to create/share wireless connection while you are in hotel room, conference room or even at a hotspot.

When you're in a room where a single Ethernet port is provided, just connect the Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router to it using a cable, and a wireless network is created as the device is preset to AP mode. Once connected up to 10 users at a time can surf, chat, play wirelessly and more can use PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or other WiFi-capable devices.

To meet different requirements of Internet connection, the Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router provides five working modes, namely: Access Point mode, allows you to create a wireless connection; Router mode, allows users to setup a wireless connection when connect to Internet-enabled service; Client mode, lets you connect to an existing wireless network.; WISP mode, enables you to wirelessly share an Internet connection where hotspots are available; and Universal Repeater mode, makes you extend a wireless connection farther.

• Compliant with IEEE802.11n/g/b and IEEE802.3/3u standards.
• Delivers up to 150Mbps wireless data rate.
• Supports multiple working mode: AP, Router, WISP, Client, Universal Repeater.
• Supports 64/128-bit WEP, WPA & WPA2 security modes.
• Provides 1 10/100Mbps Ethernet port for Internet/LAN connection.
• Supports Power over USB.
• It includes a MINI USB to MicroUSB adapter so you can even use your smartphone charger to power it up.

Other than traditional power supply by using power adapter, the Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router also provides power over USB for mobility purpose. Thus, it enables users to create a wireless connection at places even where power outlets are not available.

Secure and Reliable
This highly portable router supports secure encryption modes including WPA and WPA2. Now you can confidently access the Internet and share your connection with friends, family or colleagues on the road, in the office or at home.

Easy Setup
Setting up a wireless network is as easy as plugging the device to ethernet + USB . Anyone can create a wireless network in minutes. No more professional knowledge is required. Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router is built for mobility. In addition to its compact size, Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router’s design gives you freedom to take it anywhere around the world.

On Vacation
While on vacation, you certainly will take hundreds of shots to capture those memorable moments. And Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router allows you to view and share wirelessly these pictures with your family and friends among PCs, Macs, smartphones and more.

On Business
Compact and portable, Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router is a great way to share Internet access when you go on business. Say your hotel suite offers only a wired network connection. Just plug it into your Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router and set up the wireless network.

At Home
Connect to your DSL or cable modem, Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router creates a high speed wireless network throughout your home. It gives you and your family freedom to move around, while surfing web, sharing file, playing game, and more.

At Work
Sometimes deploying a wireless network in office is not easy because of the crowded working place. With its easy portability, Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router allows you to create a wireless network with no extra wires or cables.



Wireless Speed:

Interface & Speed:
One 10/100Mbps LAN/WAN

interchangeable Port

Reset/WPS interchangeable 

System LED indicator

Internal, 2.5dbi

Input Power:
5V 1.2A


Wireless Feature



Wireless Mode:

Tx Power:

Working Mode:
AP, Router, WISP, Client,

Universal Repeater

Wireless Security:

Software Feature:

Internet Connection Type:


Security Setup:
MAC-address filter, IP-address

Bandwidth Control:
filter, URL filter

Supported DDNS:
yndns, noip

Operating Enviroment:

• Working Temperature:
0? - 40?

• Storage Temperature:
-40? - 70?

• Working Humility:
10% - 90%RH Noncondensited

• Storage Humility:

Package Contents

  • Xtreamer Travel Mini-Router Wireless N150 Mini AP/Router
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • MiniUSB to MicroUSB adapter
  • CD-Rom (User Manual included)
  • Quick Installation Guide

Minimum System Requirement
Computer installed with:

  • Network Adapter supporting 2.4GHz
  • nternet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Broadband Internet Service (through xDSL/Cable Modem/Ethernet)
5% -90%RH
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