Xtreamer AirMouse

The Xtreamer AirMouse Mobile is the perfect combination of remote control and mouse to go. 

Control your Xtreamer Wonder models, Xtreamer Multi-Console, Xtreamer SideWinder4 and Xtreamer TV away from the device by in-air motion-sensing technology.
Prodigy Black&White and SideWinder 3 will fuction as airmouse only in the Android section,on the other parts the Xtreamer AirMouse will act as a regular remote control keys.

Deliver accurate presentations, touch movements and Internet browsing sessions from up to 100 feet away with just the wave of you hand.


- Wireless solutions: 2.4 G

- Operating range: < 10 meters

- The working current: < 14 ma

- Operating voltage: 3.7 V

- Transmission power: less than + 4 DBM

- Sleep current: < 37 ua

- Weight: 40 gram 

System requirements:

- HID compatible device


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