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What is Xtreamer Camera?

Setting up a home security system yourself is finally EASY and AFFORDABLE.
With Xtreamer Camera, you can have multiple WiFi security cameras without digging deep into your pocket.
With high-definition live streaming, night vision, two-way talk and mobile apps,
it’s simple to stay connected with the place you call home.

Monitor your Camera on TV with Xtreamer BaseCam

The Xtreamer BaseCam system is an Android box dedicated to deliver to your TV direct access to the Xtreamer Camera live digital video broadcast over the Internet.
The BaseCam supports upto 1080P FHD resolution, WIFI and Dual core processor at 1.5GHz speed and powerful graphics chip on board.
Just plug it in and enjoy the world of camera surveillance on your TV.

Processor: Dual-Core AML8726 Mx-D (AMLOGIC)
ARM Cortex-A9 dual core/1.5GHZ
FLASH: 8GB NAND Flash (32M bit nor flash+32GbitMLC flash)
Android™ Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Wireless Connectivity:
802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
AirPlay, Miracast and DLNA support
Video Output:
HDMI™ 1.4, Full HD 1080p
Audio Output:
HDMI™ 1.4
SPDIF optical
DC 5V, 2A adapter included (CE, FCC, CCC certified)
Peripheral Interface:
RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100Mbps)
Micro SD card reader
USB 2.0 HOST port x 3

Surveillance Kit

Xtreamer offer our cloud cam as a new all-inclusive package for video surveillance.
We provide bundled offers for economical purchases together with video management software pre-installed on TV connected box. These kits can be scaled and combined to build a truly effective and reliable surveillance solution for any system size up to 12 cameras. To meet any specific need, additional Xtreamer Cloud Camera can be ordered separately.

  • Watch your home.
  • Nanny cam.
  • Monitor your business.
  • Pet cam.
  • Vacation home monitoring.
  • Monitor the elderly.
  • Babysitter cam.
  • Check in while traveling.
  • Keep an eye on your front door bell.
  • Monitor your pool.
  • Watch two places at once.

Set up in minutes.

Requires only power & WiFi

Traditional video home security systems are often expensive and difficult to install.
With Xtreamer Camera, you can set up multiple cameras on your own.
Just connect the cameras to your local Wi-Fi network and start streaming live video instantly.


Few simple steps

Android or iOS devices

Traditional video home security systems are often expensive and difficult to install.
With Xtreamer Camera, you can set up multiple cameras on your own.
Just connect the cameras to your local Wi-Fi network and start streaming live video instantly.

Connect from your mobile

Android or iOS devices

Connect from your iPhone or an Android smarphone or tablet.
Receive alerts for motion and sound on your smartphone or other device.
Drop in live and talk directly with people and pets.

Connect from PC via web

Simply login with user name & password to www.closeli.com

Watch it Live on your TV

Our new BaseCam

Unlike any other common IP camera on the market that requires dedicated PC monitor and computer, the Xtreamer BaseCam receiver connects to the TV and can receive signals from all your Xtreamer cameras.
The base receiver comes pre-installed with the exact application you have on your mobile. Simply switch the TV to the BaseCam channel, login to your account and lean back for a comfortable surveillance of your front door bell or office in your living room.

Optional Cloud Recording Service

Powered by Closeli

Add our optional Cloud Recording service to save up to 30 days (720 hours) of continuous video.
Review footage on your device and share favorite clips with family and friends.
With Cloud Recording, you'll never miss a moment. This optional service stores your footage securely in the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere.
Cloud Recording (CVR) automatically saves video on a rolling basis, so you can easily review footage from the past week or month.

Watch multiple places

Our Wireless Camera easy setup enables you to put it whererever you want, as long as the designated spot has power and wifi connection.
Add a wireless security camera to each location you wish to track and keep up with everything at a glance using your smartphone, tablet, HDTV with our base station or computer via the web. Use two-way talk to communicate with your employees, your managers on the spot.

Easy Sharing your camera with others

Allowing your wife or partner to watch and protect the people and places you care about is as easy as sharing with them the credentials of your camera accounts. you can create an account as per camera or otherwise add few cameras to one account.

Most people don’t have security.

Existing security systems are costly and primarily designed for homeowners. Urban renters and low/middle-income families generally can't afford or aren’t permitted to install security systems in their apartments and homes.

Those who have it, don’t use it.

Traditional home security systems have a 94–99% false alarm rate.
It’s annoying. It’s costly. And the biggest problem? False alarms cause many households to stop turning on their systems at all.

Encrypted Video

Our camera uses bank-level security to ensure that your live and stored video are safe, even on open wireless networks.
Your video is encrypted on the camera before it is transmitted to the cloud and streamed securely to your devices using SSL encryption. By default all video is private and you control sharing rights

Automatic Night Vision

After you’ve switched off the lights for the night, it’s good to know that your business is safe and secure.
Turn on alerts to receive instant notifications on your smartphone, tablet or computer of sound or motion activity. Use night vision to monitor activity around the clock.

Easy Wall Mounting

Your camera can be easily fitted onto any flat surface. You can permanently hook it up to the wall or ceiling with screws. As the device allow you full angle control and support flipping image you can place it anywhere.

Instant notifications to mobile

Receive notifications directly to your device every the camera detects motion or sound. You can set your alerts to be sent to your mail and schedule the hours in which you will receive them.

2 Way Voice

Built-in mic and speaker enables you to communicate with anyone within range of the camera.

Door Bell Monitor

Get a live view of who’s arriving and when.
Keep track of the comings and goings of workers, friends, pets and kids using motion and sound alerts.
With optional Cloud Recording you can review what’s happened over the past week or month.

Watch over your elderly, disabled or ill loved ones

Whether it's for Mom or Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, or a great Aunt, make sure caregivers are doing their job. Xtreamer camera offers you remote video monitoring system in a simple and affordable way so you show you care even though you can't be there.

Swimming pool surveillance

While very fun for both recreation as well as exercise, swimming pools can yet be dangerous. Having a camera on site allows swimming pools, whether indoor or outdoor, to be greatly monitored. Get an instant alert if your kid gets near the pool without permission while you are away.

Protect your hotel room when you travel

Take your new camera with you to your vacation.
Place it at your hotel room and allow yourself to monitor your room and belonging while you are out.

Keep an eye on your kids

at home, in kindergarten, in school

Your child’s behavior worry you? You want to keep an eye on his progress while at kindergarten?
Simply place the camera for few days and get the assurance you need with your own eyes.

Easy re-locate the camera to wherever you have WiFi (internet) and power (simple plug & play)

Changing the camera location is as easy as taking it out of the power plug and put it in another room.
If you decide to take it outside the range of its original wifi network, you can still do that, just re set it up in the new location as you did originally.

Small Business Security System

If you own your own business, an affordable and flexible security system is a must. With Xtreamer Cam, you can set up one or more cameras in minutes for a fraction of the cost of a traditional video surveillance system.
And, with mobile alerts, remote viewing, night vision and optional Cloud Recording, you’ll have peace of mind whether you are at work or not.

Immediate placement

Unlike other home monitoring systems, Xtreamer Cloud Camera allows you to place them anywhere in your home and move them to another location quickly. Napping kids? Put one in their room. Going away for the weekend? Move the camera to monitor the front door...in seconds. just plug it in to another power socket. as simple as that!

High definition

See every little detail in rich, 720p streaming video.

Know when she is sleeping

Is your baby already fast asleep? Is she playing a little longer than usual? watch in live to find out what's going on from any room in your home.

Pet Monitoring

Ever wonder what your pet does when you're away? When you're on the go and your furry friend is snuggled up at home, drop in on the action using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
With high-definition video, two-way talk, mobile apps and more, Xtreamer Cam is the ultimate pet monitor for your best friend—whether you're down the street or across the country.

So, Why is our Camera different?

  • Most other IP wireless cameras you will find it difficult to set up and configure. For instance, during the setup process, a user is asked to identify the router and camera’s IP address and to configure port forwarding.
  • Most surveillance packages are noticeably more expensive.
  • Most cameras in the market not connected over wireless.
  • Most of the video stream other cameras offer can’t be viewed remotely and if do the do it through their DNS service or another free DNS which requires interval refreshing of IP mechanism.
  • Most of our competitor mobile application are clunky and confusing.
  • Overall image quality when compared to Xtreamer cam is noticeably inferior.
  • Most other surveillance system offered in the market requires dedicated LCD screen and sometimes a dedicated PC.
  • You will find most of our competitors offering a limited-range night vision.
  • Most cameras in the market offers only One-way audio.
  • Most cameras even offers access via the web do so by requiring Java.
  • Most IP cameras in the market offers only 25fps while ours is 30FPS.

Not everything is perfect

  • Lack of flexibility when it comes to storing recorded video. You can only store videos to closeli cloud-storage option, and not to a local server, memory card, or third-party cloud service.
  • If you have more than one Xtreamer Camera, you have to pay for Closeli CVR service on each individual camera.
  • Our camera don’t have backup batteries or onboard storage, so they’re susceptible to power cuts and network outages.
  • You can’t use it outdoors because it isn’t protected from the elements.

Powered by Closeli

Streaming, recording and face detection services

Xtreamer Camera is powered by Closeli, the creator of powerful private video streams with instant security alerts and unique face detection features. Once you’ve set up your Xtreamer Camera, you’ll watch your stream and do the rest on your phone via the Closeli app and at Closeli.com.

Watching Live = Free Recording Events = Paid Service