Ver. 1.0.3

New software release for the Xtreamer e-TRAYz.

New applications including  an alternative torrent program Transmission and Grammaphone - open source digital music server that allows you to access your audio collection from everywhere in the world and share it with your friends.

Enhanced tools for advanced users:
* Programming Modules: Curl, GD Library, ImageMagick
* Programming Language: CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python

Numerous bug fixes

What's new in this firmware?


1. System
- Built-in
* autoconf-2.63-r1
* autoconf-wrapper-7
* automake-1.10.2
* automake-wrapper-3-r1
* binutils-2.19.1-r1
* binutils-config-1.9-r4
* bison-2.3
* gcc-4.2.4-r1
* gcc-config-1.4.1
* gdb-7.0
* m4-1.4.12
* make-3.81

- Changes FTP Setting Option : permitted to access /home folder by root

- Supports Samba Security mode changing : User Mode, Share Mode
(Public, External)

- SW Package Installation
* unrar and zip/unzip
* telnet
* phpMyAdmin
* Programming Modules: Curl, GD Library, ImageMagick
* Programming Language: CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
* transmission Torrent (/etc/init.d/transmission start/stop)

2. Web
- Built-in
* phpmyadmin-
* grammafone

- {security} prohibits file move to unauthorized folder for general users
- {security} prohibits accessing to unauthoriaed web page for general users
- {e-TRAYz Web} removes sharing menu for general users
- {Setting} adds CIFS share option control
- {Setting} modifies firmware upgrade interface
- {Setting} seperates user interface for gateway of wired and wireless network
- {setting} Supports more stable SMTP server for yahoo and hotmail
- {e-downloader} adds some more error message for downloading failure.

3. Windows Application
- {Installer} adds warning message before HDD formatting.
- {e-TRAYz connector} adds authentication logics for additional sharing mode.

Bugs fixed

- fixes HDD Sleep Mode unstability

- fixes Network reset problem when IP renewed by DHCP

- fixes USB Disk overmount & data delete problem when using USB Hub
(not to use USB Hub and card reader)
** USB Hub and card reader will be supported later version.

- More stable wireless network
* fixes Wireless network connection failed problem
* fixes Wireless network card recognition failed problem

- fixs eTRAYz Xtreamer NFS speed problem : mount option changed to tcp
by Xtreamer

- {e-TRAYz Web} fixs some bugs related with folder sharing.

- {mail} fixes some bugs related with e-mail : exception handling for special character sets(*&^^%$#@!?><":)

- {mail} fixes id generation bug with "." such as ""

- {setting} fixes port setting bugs for webpage and user home page.

- {setting} fixes page loading time for some webpage including directory selection interface.

- {e-Torrent} fixes adding problem of torrents file to etrayz from Mac(the files are shaded and can't be chosen)

- {e-TRAYz connector} fixes long waiting time for wrong etrayz server connection.

- {e-TRAYz connector} fixes e-TRAYz Disk mounting problem for general user.

- {e-TRAYz connector} fixes unstable connection problem : more stable.

Download and installation instructions

Upgrade patch (from 1.0 stable)

To upgrade please go to the eTRAYz Homepage -> Settings -> System -> Upgrade
In the Upload firmware file click Browse and navigate to the downloaded BIN file. Click on SAVE.
The file will be added to the list of the firmware files and now you can upgrade your system.
Please follow the instructions carefully.
The e-TRAYz will restart after the upgrade is complete.

Full installation package

To install unzip the file and run setup.exe.
Please be advised that all the hard drives will be formatted during the installation and all the information will be deleted.

Don't forget to backup your data!

Other resources and links

Do’s and don’ts


1. Back up your system periodically to avoid any potential data loss. Unicorn disclaims any responsibility of all sorts of data loss or recovery.
2. Should you return any components of Xtreamer e-TRAYz package for refund or maintenance, make sure they are carefully packed for shipping. Any form of damages due to improper packaging will not be compensated.


1. E-TRAYz can operate normally in the temperature of - and relative humidity of 0% - 90%. Please make sure the environment is well-ventilated.
2. The power cord and devices connected to e-TRAYz must provide correct supply voltage. (60W, 90-264V).
3. Do not place e-TRAYz in direct sunlight or near chemicals. Make sure the temperature and humidity of the environment are in optimized level.
4. Unplug the power cord and all connected cables before cleaning. Wipe e-TRAYz with a damp towel. Do not use chemical or aerosol to clean e-TRAYz.
5. Do not place any object on top of the e-TRAYz as this may cause overheating and interfere with its normal operation.
6. Use the flat head screws in the product package to secure the hard disks into the e-TRAYz.
7. Do not place e-TRAYz near any liquids.
8. Do not place e-TRAYz on any uneven surfaces as to avoid it falling off and getting damaged.
9. Make sure the voltage is correct in your location when using e-TRAYz. If you are not sure, please contact the distributor or the local power supply company.
10. Do not place any object on the power cord.
11. Do not attempt to repair your e-TRAYz under any conditions. Improper disassembly or the product may expose you to electric or other risk.

Please download e-TRAYz user manual and quick insallation guide.

Frequently asked questions


Not possible to install by the installation CD provided or setup file?

• Check if PC and device are in the same network band. In DOS, it can be checked if Ping is possible with the IP address of device. (For example, it is normal if response is produced after the command of ‘ping IP address’)

• Check if installation key has been correctly entered.

• Check if hard disk has been correctly mounted. (With normal status, the red LED is turned off)

Error occurred in the course of CD installation?

• Forcefully close installation programs in window admin.

• Reboot device and install again.

Installation does not proceed normally when entering installation key?

• Installation key input is case sensitive. Check for capital and small letters.

When reinstalling, installer cannot search network-attached device.

• First of all, you have to booting initialization for re-installation. When the power switch is turned on while Reset button is pressing for 2~3 sec, a booting initialization is done.

Cannot login with e-TRAYz connector.

• Verify that IP address and port number is correct.

• Verify that IP sharer is set correcly if you use Domain using DDNS.

Cannot access to e-TRAYz Home (e-TRAYz webpage).

• Verify that program has been correctly installed.

• Verify that IP address (http://IPaddress:8080/) has been correctly entered. (If not enter the port number, you cannot access e-TRAYz home.)

• Verify that IP sharer is set correcly if you use Domain using DDNS.

Does not opened sharing windows at e-TRAYz connector.

• Verify that e-TRAYz home port has been correctly set at setting menu of connector. If you use another port not default port(8080), input the port number into Usesr port field.

Forgot password? : General Users

• Click ‘Password initialization’ menu at the lower of password field. Enter installation key and click ‘Clear’ button. New password will be set as same as ID.

Want to know the firmware version.

• Access to e-TRAYz Home page. Firmware version is displayed at the top of screen. (ex. Ver.1.0.0)

• You can also see the version at [Settings] – [System] – [Upgrade] page too.

Cannot use the USB copy.

• Verify that USB disk has been correctly connected. Port for Copy function is the lower port of copy button.

• Make sure that e-TRAyz have enough capacity for USB copy.

Where is USB device connected e-TRAYz?

• The connected USB device is in the External Disk as USB1 and USB2.

Cannot upload data to USB devices.

• Make sure that USB device have enough capacity.

• If a file system of USB device is NTFS, it is possible to upload or edit files to USB devie. Please use the USB device after formatted as FAT32 or XFS.

Want to upgrade Software.

• Move to [Settings] – [System] – [Upgrade] page. You can see all the firmware files. Upgrade firmware refer to [Settings] – [Firmware upgrade] menu of this manual.

Want to Shutdown system.

• Move to [Settings] – [System] – [Power] page. Choose ‘ShutDown’ and click ‘OK’ button.

• If you cannot access to ‘Settings’, Turn off the Power switch of device.

Can Mac or Linux users use it too?

• Mac or Linux users can use all of the Xtreamer e-TRAYz function except ‘e-TRAYz’ using e-TRAYz connector.

Where can I download the connector program?

• Access to e-TRAYz Home page(http://IPaddress of Xtreamer e-TRAYz:8080/). Click the ‘e-TRAYz Connector’ menu at the top of page, you can download it.

Is simultaneous connection with a single ID possible?

• Simultaneous connection with a single ID is possible. However, it is not recommended for stable operation.

What is the initial ID and PW of administrator?

• The initial ID and PW are sysadmin and sysadmin. For security, please change your password after login.

Trouble Shooting

Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty. Do not open the system as there is a risk of electric shock. If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the system for repair.

1) In case Xtreamer e-Tayz cannot be accessed via Network

• Check network status and if network port is correctly connected.

• Check if access to Xtreamer e-TRAYz is blocked by firewall, etc.

• In case IP is not known, refer to 2) below.

• In case network setup is incorrect, refer to 3) below.

• If not falling within the previous points of 2) and 3) below, check for abnormalities in LED operation by checking LED status at the front of equipment.

• Request technical support if LED does not operate normally.

2) In case access is not possible due to forgetting IP address of Xtreamer e-TRAYz.

• A WindowsXp or higher comes with a function to find a UPnP device in the network environment. If the UPnP is not active, activate it.

• The name of this device is searched automatically.

• Click this device and the web browser will start, getting the web page of this device. You can get the IP address from the address of the web page.

3) In case access to Xtreamer e-TRAYz is not possible at all due to incorrect network setup

• Click Reset button on the rear of device until the single beeping

• The network initialization is completed with 2 beeps.

• For the initialized network IP, refer to the section of network setting in manual.

4) Does not recognize Hard Disk(not turned off the RED LED)

• Make sure that the Hard disk is mounted the exact location.

• Please fix the HDD exactly.
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