Ver. 1.0.5

Now you can install eTRAYz software without data partition formatting. This updates also adds Italian, Dutch and Hebrew language support. Windows 7 (64 bit) support. Amazing App Installer by TheHijacker with dozens of applications and more...

What's new in this firmware?

- {Installer} OS reinstall without Data partition Formatting
- {Installer} Support Western Digital EARS Disks
- {System} Support inotify-tools
- {Web}{ftp} Changing FTP Port
- {Web}{edownload} Concurrent multi download support
- {Web}{edownload} site support
- {Web}{Language} Italiano, Nederlands, Hebrew
- {Web}{Setting} Update Interval of DDNS
- {Web}{EPKG}
TheHijackers APP Installer 2.0
- {e-Connector} {Language} Italiano, Hebrew
- {e-Connector} Searching e-TRAYz in LAN
- {e-Connector} Realtek NIC Driver(Old version) Support
- {e-Connector} NDIS 4 Support
- {e-Connector} supporting Windows 7 (64bit support)
- {EPKG} epkg directory : /home/epkg


- Kernel
-- iptables
-- TUN
-- V4L
-- Logitech Quickcam USB cameras driver (unstable)
-- spca5xx cam driver (unstable)
-- Philips USB Webcam driver (unstable)
- Software
-- proftpd-1.3.3
-- openssl-0.9.8n
-- jpeg-8
-- libtorrent-0.12.4
-- rtorrent-0.8.3
-- php : ssl, xml, xmlreader, xmlwriter

Bugs fixed

- {e-torrent} bugs fix
- {System} Flash firmware upgrade for HDD compatibility
- {System} Fixed some corrupted files in OS Partion
- {System} Fixed permission problem for HDD in B Slot(especially when B is used as External)
- {System} Fixed kernel memory allocation problem
- {System} Fixed crontab related bugs
- {System} Bug fix for OS reinstall, upgrade
- {Web}{Setting} 80 port can be assigned Web port
- {Web}{e-Torrent} Bug fix for special character set for download path
- {Web}{e-Torrent} Fixed some permission problem with Public folder.
- {Web}Some exception handling for User Creation
- {Web}Exceptional Handling for Expired User
- {Web}{e-Torrent} Bug Fix for Updating rss List
- {Web}{RapidBox}{Link Mail} change Link URL from "internal ip" to "DDNS"
- {Web}{e-downloader} Bug fix : Megaupload stuck on loading file information
- {e-Connector} Bug fix : Login error

Download and installation instructions


Upgrade file

This is an upgrade patch file.
This file can be patched to
- e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.3-official
- e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.4-official
- e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.5-beta1
- e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.5-beta2
- e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.5-beta3

*** Please do not power-off or re-boot during firmware upgrading, raid building and rebuilding.***

To upgrade please go to the eTRAYz Homepage -> Settings -> System -> Upgrade
In the Upload firmware file click Browse and navigate to the downloaded BIN file. Click on SAVE.
The file will be added to the list of the firmware files and now you can upgrade your system.
Please follow the instructions carefully.
The e-TRAYz will restart after the upgrade is complete.

Full installation file

To install unzip the file and run setup.exe.

Don't forget to backup your data!

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Do’s and don’ts


1. Back up your system periodically to avoid any potential data loss. Unicorn disclaims any responsibility of all sorts of data loss or recovery.
2. Should you return any components of Xtreamer e-TRAYz package for refund or maintenance, make sure they are carefully packed for shipping. Any form of damages due to improper packaging will not be compensated.


1. E-TRAYz can operate normally in the temperature of - and relative humidity of 0% - 90%. Please make sure the environment is well-ventilated.
2. The power cord and devices connected to e-TRAYz must provide correct supply voltage. (60W, 90-264V).
3. Do not place e-TRAYz in direct sunlight or near chemicals. Make sure the temperature and humidity of the environment are in optimized level.
4. Unplug the power cord and all connected cables before cleaning. Wipe e-TRAYz with a damp towel. Do not use chemical or aerosol to clean e-TRAYz.
5. Do not place any object on top of the e-TRAYz as this may cause overheating and interfere with its normal operation.
6. Use the flat head screws in the product package to secure the hard disks into the e-TRAYz.
7. Do not place e-TRAYz near any liquids.
8. Do not place e-TRAYz on any uneven surfaces as to avoid it falling off and getting damaged.
9. Make sure the voltage is correct in your location when using e-TRAYz. If you are not sure, please contact the distributor or the local power supply company.
10. Do not place any object on the power cord.
11. Do not attempt to repair your e-TRAYz under any conditions. Improper disassembly or the product may expose you to electric or other risk.

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