Ver 4.0.1

Some fixes and improvements

What's new in this firmware?

* Load Subtitles by Default option added to Settings


* Some UI improvements

Bugs fixed

* MAC address fix
* Network Shares Root - fixed
* Crash after using the Music Player - fixed

Download and installation instructions

Do not upgrade from SETTINGS - you need to run the emergency firmware procedure as specified below!!!

To install: download the file and unzip it. Find install.img and copy it to the root of a USB stick. 
* Go to your Prodigy, turn it off by unplugging the power cord for several seconds. 
* Put the cord back but do not power the machine on. 
* Plug the USB stick to a USB port at the back panel. 
* When the machine is OFF press the power button for about 10-12 sec (you will see that the blue LED light is turning on but still keep your finger pressed on the power button until the power LED is turned off). 
* When the LED is off you can release your finger and let it start flash the firmware.

Please remember to reset your player to factory default settings after every firmware upgrade.

Do not power off the machine while the update process is taking place. BE PATIENT IT WILL TAKE LONGER TIME THAN NORMAL IN THIS UPDATE.


Important note

With this update we ask you to watch out the TV screen while you perform the update. Once you start the process (that may take few long minutes) wait for the "Installation complete" message to appear in the end of the update process. 
This will be the time you will need to remove the USB stick from the device before the device will boot. 
Otherwise the Xtreamer live package will be installed in your USB and not to your internal HDD. 

Do not remove the USB a single second before you will see the installation complete message shown on your TV screen.

Emergency firmware download and installation instructions

Emergency firmware is used for de-bricking unresponsive devices and fixing various issues.

1. Download the firmware file from the Xtreamer main site

2. Unzip the file and copy (install.img) it to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick (we recommend a stick no bigger than 2GB).

3. Disconnect all the cables, dongles, antennas, internal and external storage devices from your Prodigy.
Disconnect it from power for 10-15 minutes.

4. Plug the device into power and insert the USB stick into one of the ports on the back panel.

5. Make sure the device is OFF and  press the Power button on Prodigy for about 10 sec.

The device LED will initially turn ON and after few sec it will turn OFF. 
Once the blue LED is OFF release your finger from the Power button and then the upgrade process screen will appear on your TV.

(This is basically an emergency firmware procedure and can be used to clear personal data and fix many issues)

Please be patient. It might be necessary to try the procedure several times.
You might have to use another USB stick if you are not successful.

Please remember to reset your player to factory default settings after every firmware upgrade.

Other resources and links

Music Player setup 
Setting up the Xtreamer MUSIC Player is easy:

  1. Create a folder called "MUSIC" in your HDD.
  2. COPY to this folder any MP3 song you want. You can create of course subfolders as per artist or album.
  3. Make sure that the songs names make sense. Refrain from using strange characters.
  4. on the device home screen go to Media sources and select MUSIC Player.
  5. Press ENTER to play 1 song.
  6. Press PLAY to play entire folder.
  7. Press 2 to get the Movie Clip as per you selected Song. You can navigate to more additions.
  8. Press 6 For full new functionality of the Music Player.

Notes: Currently the Music Player supports only local HDD based music. 

We recommend you to make sure your music files have full meta tags and posters. Please use this software or similar to make your music collection nicer. 

1) Jaikoz ( ) 
Top Reasons to buy Jaikoz:
- Jaikoz saves you time by accurately autofixing your files unattended from MusicBrainz and Discogs.
- Jaikoz fixes your artwork as well as your textual data. 
- Jaikoz supports Multiple Audio formats, so you only need one application for tagging your audio files. 

2) For MAC OSX user: CoverScout ( ) 
Select your albums and search. CoverScout takes all the work out of finding album art, searching the top websites. 

Note 2: 
When you get LOAD ERROR on youtube clip please assume this clip is deliberately blocked to be played on our devices due to advertisements of youtube servers or special certification related to content owner.