Desktop OS for Xtreamer Whizz ver 2.0.2

Dear Friends,

We continue to strive to enhance your experience with our products and  today we introduce a new operating system to Xtreamer Whizz – Desktop OS based on sensational Remix OS.

Remix OS is a new name in the Android space and offers something no other Android on the desktop solution has: true multitasking. Remix OS mimics a full desktop OS with a task bar and has window support for apps. This makes multitasking a breeze and it just doesn’t feel like Android, in a good way.
It is a completely re-imagined Android that supports mouse right-click, Windows-type notifications, keyboard shortcuts, the most advanced file-manager for Android and many-many other features.

So now you can take your Whizz with you when you are going away on holidays or for work, connect it to a TV in your hotel or to an HDMI capable monitor and use it both as a workstation and for your personal entertainment, because – guess what? You can still use KODI (pre-installed) and all of your favorite applications.

You can find out more on the Remix OS site.

What's new in this firmware?

Download and installation instructions

The Installation procedure is the same as of our regular firmware

** This update should be performed using a USB disk formatted to FAT32.  Your Xtreamer regards it as an external storage/udisk


(1) STEP 1: Download the update file from the link above.

(2) STEP 2: Extract the file to your PC

(3) STEP 3: Copy the extracted zip file contents to the root of a USB disk that was formatted to a FAT32 (NTFS will not work).

(4) STEP 4: In this stage we will try let the update script to try wiping your system and installing itself automatically within the RECOVERY mode of the machine. In order to do this we need you to go into recovery mode. 

Follow these steps to go into recovery: 
(1) Insert your USB disk into one of the USB hosts slot in your Xtreamer. 
(2) Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and your Whizz and make sure the TV is on 
(3) Remove the power cable from the Xtreamer
(4) At the side of your Whizz there is a reset button. Press and hold the button while you insert the power cable to its place. Keep pressing the reset button and now watch the screen for the operation to start. It may take 5-10 secs to start. When you will see on the screen the Android logo you can remove the toothpick from the RESET button.

* If for some reason your machine failed the update process automatically - You can still perform the update the manual way. Go into Recovery mode using the RESET button method described above. First: wipe factory reset and clean cache partition. Then go back to the Main Menu of the Recovery screen and Select install update from external storage===>udisk… And select the zip file you copied to the USB. Select install and wait 10 min for the process to be done. The machine will restart automatically. Please be patient and don't interrupt the process.

(5) STEP 5: VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Setup the Xtreamer Whizz Time and Date. Ignoring this step will result in failure of Google services to function properly.
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