Xtreamer > Firmware > Ver 2.1

This version introduces new and unique features including DVD Autorun, network shares auto scan and so on. If you have an e-TRAYz device on your network Xtreamer will find and automatically mount it.

What's new in this firmware?

What's new in 2.1 version:

1. “Favorite” in Home menu.

- Needs Restore Defaults in setup menu.

- Add your favorite contents from HDD (Internal/External) to “Favorite”

- By pressing “Func(8)” key from Remote Control select “Add to Favorite”

- To remove from Favorite press “Func(8)” key and select “Delete from Favorite” from Favorite menu.

- Folders and files are displayed from “All” menu only, “Music/Photo/Video” menu only shows respective files not folders

2. Network shares (samba/NFS) auto scan.

- Accessible from “Media Library->Network Shares” menu.

- NFS Shortcut replaced by Network Shares

- NFS Client option also remover from Xtreamer Web UI “Setup” menu

- To reload list of share folders press “1” key

3. eTrayz auto search and mount.

- eTrayz can be auto searched and mounted from media library.

- Only one eTrayz device supported for auto mount now.

4. Estonian language support.

- Estonian language support for OSD and subtitle.

5. Not pirated DVD with CSS support.

6. User’s font(ttf) support for subtitles only

- Subtitle font can be change from Setup->Playback->User Subtitle Font

- Font file should be in internal HDD(first partition) or USB HDD(first partition) in “user_font” folder.

7. Subtitles on/off option

- Subtitle can be turn on/off from “Setup->Playback->Subtitle Default”

- Factory default in “subtitle on”

8. Subtitles border thickness can be changed

- During movie playback, press subtitles button from remote control and select thickness

- Thickness option is next to size option.

9. USB DVD AutoRun

- From “Setup->Playback->DVD AutoRun” on/off option can be selected

10. Unzip and Archive option from Xtreamer web UI

- From Xtreamer web UI .zip, .tar, .tar.bz2 type files can be unzipped

- Just click unzip icon located next to file name, select target dir and press “unzip” button

- So user can upload more than 10 files at a time as a zip file

- Select “File Manager->Archive” option and choose folder to make archive(tar)

- Folder can be downloaded at a time instead of downloading files one by one

11. Workgroup option

- User can change their workgroup from Xtreamer Web UI “Setup->Workgroup/Hostname”

- Under this workgroup they will find their Xtreamer samba share

- Samba share name change from samba 3.0.23c to xtreamer’s hostname..

12. HDMI chroma Sub-sampling set

- Can be selected from “Setup->A/V->HDMI chroma Sub-sampling set”

- “Auto” option will auto select one of YCbCr422 and YCbCr 444.

- “On” means YCbCr 422 (if supported).

- If Xtreamer connect to DVI, output is RGB444




13. Photo preview UI improved

14. Movie preview UI improved.

15. Change UI string.

Bugs fixed

Bug Fixes:

16. “Kerning” (black line between letters) from Arabic subtitle removed and space between some Arabic character removed.

17. During movie playback, after pressing “Stop” button it went to “All” menu from “Movie” menu.

18. ODD (audio & data disc) detection.

19. Playback OGG with CoverArt.

- Not display tag information and cover art.

20. Smooth Fast Forward

21. User cannot upload files from Xtreamer Web UI to USB (if don’t have internal HDD)

22. Mac users can’t upload file to Xtreamer samba share.

23. “503 upload error” during file upload from Xtreamer web UI

24. File can’t be uploaded to folder containing multi-byte character(Korean/Chinese/Japanese) in folder name

25. FTP file uploaded error “530 server busy”

- If this symptom found, Restore Default will be needed.

26. Can’t write ext3 file system 

27. Korean missing character in subtitle

Download and installation instructions

Download it here:

To upgrade the firmware from a 2** version please:
1.  Download the file.

2. Save the file on your computer (any directory).
3. Copy your file to a USB memory stick and use the USB host port on your Xtreamer.
3. Turn on your Xtreamer and navigate to the SETTINGS menu of your Xtreamer.
4. Find and select the FIRMWARE UPGRADE option
5. Navigate to the USB memory attached to your Xtreamer containing the firmware update file.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend to upgrade the firmware via your network shared folders, as a loss in connection to the network could cause a break in the firmware upgrade process.

7. Once you have located the file, highlight the file and press ENTER on your remote to begin the upgrade process.
8. The Xtreamer will reboot and the process will be done in matter of few minutes. Once done the Xtreamer will reboot itself.
9. After the process is finished, you may want to do a RESTORE DEFAULT in the SETTINGS menu.


Emergency firmware download and installation instructions

Emergency Firmware Procedure ver.2.1

Before starting the procedure of emergency recovery - Please make sure you are using the AV RCA cables and not HDMI. Some TV HDCP protocols may cause problem to show the procedure on TV.

(1) Download the file Xtreamer Emergency
(2) Extract the file install.img (120 mb)
(3) Copy the “install.img” file to the root of the USB flash memory or HDD inside Xtreamer.
(4) Take out the unit out of the electricty power on the wall. wait 10 sec. Bring it back to the power
(5) In Remote control, press “Home” -> “3” -> “Power” not any other sequence. 
No need to use power first. Any other sequence will fail and nothing will happen as the call for this procedure is initiated by HOME button pressed first...Keep it pressed + press 3 + press power until you see the process starts.

If the firmware is not in the root of the USB the process will fail as the process seek the .img in the USB root.

Process Emergency upgrade should be visible on the screen if done correct.

Please note : After “intro” screen, if system boots without further update procedure, re-try emergency firmware update while powering-off the unit. It means you did not do it in the correct way. PRESS the HOME first and after 3 and after POWER while the unit is OFF.