Xtreamer Firmware 2.6.0

* Music JukeBox - use your Grooveshark account to browse and play music
* DVD backup
* 3TB drives support
And more...

What's new in this firmware?

1. Music JukeBox

- From “Xtreamering->Music JukeBox” you can listen to any song in the world

- You can login to your GrooveShark account, can search mp3’s to stream, can manage Favorite music

- You will be able to create and use your playlist

- It will provide you most popular music

2. DVD Backup (Only standard video DVD)

- Now you can backup (copy) your DVD Data to HDD/USB.

- From “File Manager” go to DVD and press “3” button, choose target directory and press “3” to backup

- It may take from 15~40 min depending on data size and ODD performance

3. xHelp

- From “Xtreamering->xHelp” user can get knowledge, troubleshooting info, how to’s and FAQ about his device

- This section is in a basic level and will be updated from time to time.

4. Files from USB or Memory Card can be added to Playlist only for XtreamerDVD


1. 3TB HDD support

- To use as USB slave is not supported

- Can’t format 3TB HDD

Czech and Estonia language updated

Bugs fixed

* From “Firmware Upgrade” popup if user select “Cancel”, still it upgrades

* After playing any video from YouTube if user press “return” key several times to go to main menu, system crashes.

Download and installation instructions


To upgrade you can use online upgrade feature (from Xtreamering section) or upgrade the firmware please:

1. Download the firmware file.
2. Save the file on your computer (any directory) and unzip\unrar it.
3. Copy the firmware file to a USB memory stick (formatted FAT32) and use the USB host port on your Xtreamer.
3. Turn on your Xtreamer player and navigate to the SETTINGS -> SYSTEM menu options.
4. Find and select the FIRMWARE UPGRADE option
5. Navigate to the USB memory attached to your Xtreamer player containing the firmware update file.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend to upgrade the firmware via your network shared folders, as a loss in connection to the network could cause a break in the firmware upgrade process.

7. Once you have located the file, highlight the file and press ENTER on your remote to begin the upgrade process.
8. The Xtreamer will reboot and the process will be done in matter of few minutes. Once done the Xtreamer will reboot itself.
9. After the process is finished, you may want to do a RESTORE DEFAULT in the SETTINGS menu.


Emergency firmware download and installation instructions


Before starting the procedure of emergency recovery - Please make sure you are using the AV RCA cables and not HDMI. Some TV HDCP protocols may cause problem to show the procedure on TV.

(1) Download the Xtreamer Emergency
(2) Extract the file install_pro.img
(3) Format a USB stick FAT32 and copy the “install.img” file to the root.
(4) Disconnect all the cables, remove WIFI antenna and any other USB storage devices. Take the unit out of the electricty power on the wall for 30 minutes. Plug the power in again.
(5) In Remote control, press “Home”(release button) -> “3”
(release button) -> “Power”(release button). Press the buttons with a 1 sec pause.

Any other sequence will fail and nothing will happen as the call for this procedure is initiated by HOME button pressed first...

If the firmware is not in the root of the USB the process will fail as the process seek the .img in the USB root.

Process Emergency upgrade should be visible on the screen if done correct.

Please note : After “intro” screen, if system boots without further update procedure, re-try emergency firmware update while powering-off the unit. It means you did not do it in the correct way. PRESS the HOME first and after 3 and after POWER while the unit is OFF.

It might be necessary to run the procedure several times. If you are not successful you may need to use another USB stick.

Other resources and links

To upgrade Xtreamering please go to Xtreamering -> Disclaimer and press 1.
You need to upgrade the section to use new features in this Firmware
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