XBMC Folder Style

Wide Banner Icons were added in xtreamer since ver 2.0 and are now an integral part of the Xtreamer look and feel.

With different adjustments to the skin, you may place a wide icon at each folder by giving it "folder.jpg" name.


You will have the freedom to create even your own .

How do I implement 'Wide Icons'?
If its a TV SHOW, then once you have the WideIcon.png, rename it to folder.jpg
F:\Videos\TV Shows\FamilyGuy\S01E01.avi
F:\Videos\TV Shows\FamilyGuy\S01E02.avi
F:\Videos\TV Shows\FamilyGuy\folder.jpg

  • Banners must use 758 x 140 pixel size resolution.
  • Banners must be JPG (not BMP, GIF, nor PNG).